Fake GHD Guide

The GHD Fake Guide

If you repair or have bought a GHD styler in the last couple of years you need to read this. There are a few checks to make on ghd irons to make sure they are not counterfeit. To do these checks get out your GHD's and follow the GHD hair straighteners fake checker test.

a.) The first thing to consider is, where did you buy these from? Did you pay full market price about £100? If you bought these irons recently brand new for under £75 then the chances are these could be fake. There are only a handful of official online outlets, these are the big professional stores that sell other beauty products. you would not find genuine brand new GHD's at a car boot sale or market so forget it if you think these might be real.

b.) All recent GHD's have a serial number on the silver sticker opposite the on/off switch. You can register this number on the official GHD website at www.ghdhair.com - This will tell you if your GHD is a genuine. If you can register your straighteners with ghd they are the real deal but if the serial is not recognised then they no doubt be fake. The are a few exceptions top this rule, early ghd's did not have serial numbers and some early serial number are not on the ghd system. So this check is only for ghd's bought post 2007 but not many fakes were made before then.

fake ghd guide

c.) Fake ghd irons are often cheaply made and use poor quality components. Genuine ghd's plates are made to a high standard. You may find a fake ghd's plates will discolour, peal or scratch easily, a genuine ghd is unlikely to have this problem.

d.) There was a lot of limited edition ghd's copied. A lot of fake ghd's were sold in hot pink and purple. A good way to check if the limited edition ghd's are real or not is to check the model number. this is on the silver sticker next to the serial number. It will say model number: '4.1B' or '4.2B' or something similar. The letter on the model number stands for the colour, 'B' for black, 'P' for pink etc. If your pink or purple ghd has a 'B' in the serial number this would indicate it is a fake as the letter does not match the colour. The purple fakes tend to have a purple plug, the real ones have a black one.

ghd fake guide

e.) Probably the quickest way to check if the ghd is genuine or fake is to check the hinge pin. Take off the hinge covers which have the ghd logo on with fine screwdriver or similar. Under is the hinge pin, a genuine ghd has a cross-head screw (see below) on BOTH sides of the hinge pin and the only way to remove the pin is to turn both screw heads at the same time. If your ghd does not have a big cross head screw on both side of the hinge pin then the ghd is fake.

ghd fake guide

f.) If the ghd has a 'stopper' on one side of the hinge pin (as below) then it is fake.

ghd fake guide

g.) Genuine ghd cables are not the same as fake ghd cables. The fake ghd cables are very similar in appearance to the genuine ghd mk3 cables but the groove where the cable rotates is narrower than a genuine mk3 cable. See the picture below the groove on a fake ghd cable is about 2.5mm in width. A genuine ghd mk3 cable has a groove of about 4mm.

ghd fake guide

h.) GHD iron wires are always connected to the PCB with a screw, if the wires are all soldered to the PCB as seen below the ghd is a fake.

ghd fake guide

i) Check the mains power wires that connect from the PCB to the cable connector. Genuine ghd's will have brown and blue neutral and live wires to comply with UK new regulations. If these wires are red and black your ghd is fake.

ghd fake guide

j.) Fake ghd's tend to have unusual combinations of wire colour, a genuine ghd does not have bright yellow and green wires connected to the PCB. The picture below is of a fake ghd PCB section.

ghd fake guide

If you find out your GHD is fake, what should you do? Please don't send them to us if you are sure they are fake, you could be charged with the return of them. Please do not try to fix them, they are often unsafe and can cause damage. The internal parts of the fakes are often cheaply put together and are very likely to break again even if you get them repaired. I am sorry to say but the only place for the fakes is the bin. It is an expensive lesson, but better that then holding a potential lethal weapon to your head.

Our best advise is to get your old set of genuine GHD's fixed. If you have an older pair of straighteners in your house somewhere that have stopped working, well don't fear we offer a repair service for your old GHD. We also have a good choice of new and refurbished straighteners to purchase from our store.

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